IPOhub Review: A Platform to Find & Invest in European IPOs (2023)


IPOhub: A Quick Overview

When considering an investment in new IPOs, the difficulty of the process is the first thing that everyone has in mind.

Traditionally, the Initial Public Offerings from companies have always been inaccessible to normal people, with only institutional investors (like investment banks and hedge funds) sharing the first pieces of the pie.

Retail investors usually didn’t have access to information about companies, data on their financial records, or even an ability to track IPOs before deciding on an investment in these companies.

Today, with the rise of fintech apps, there has been a democratization of access to IPOs and share issues, with retail investors having as many tools and access as the traditional investment institutions.

Here’s where IPOhub comes in - in their own words,

IPOhub is a new pan-European investment platform that is set to challenge the current processes of investing in share issues and IPOs.

IPOhub is a complete platform for stock exchange investments, a stock exchange aggregator website and a metasearch engine for stock issuance offers and related information from around the world.”

What IPOhub aims is to streamline this whole process - discovering IPOs, finding out all the necessary information about these companies (that are going public and will issue shares), follow them and get news and updates on their progress, and, ultimately, actually participate in IPOs, using IPOhub’s digitally signing subscription forms.

IPOhub also acts as a single point of meeting for investors, agents, and companies, allowing for simple interaction between all parties involved in the stock market.

IPOhub: How It Works

IPOhub collects information on 3000+ companies from 100+ different sources and packages neatly for you to access. Here’s how you can take advantage of all their data, to help you in your investment decisions.

1.Create a free IPOhub account

IPOhub free account creation

The process here is pretty straightforward: you go to the IPOhub homepage, and click on the “Sign up” button, fill out the form with your info and then verify the account from the email you receive.

2. Search, research, and subscribe to offers on the IPOhub website

3. Follow interesting companies and get notified of investment opportunities in these companies

4. Create a digital identity that can be used to legally verify your subscriptions and sign documents digitally

5. Get access to a companies history, events, documents, news, and media

6. Armed with your verified digital identity, and with all the data on companies and IPOs that IPOhub provides, actually, participate and invest in your favorite companies when they issue shares (*feature still under development)

IPOhub Products and Features Explained

IPOhub actually services both individual investors and companies that are looking to issue shares (or agents on behalf of those companies).

Let’s break down the features accessible to each one of these types of IPOhub clients.

IPOhub for Individuals

We’ve already gone through the process of becoming an IPOhub member as a normal, retail investor, in the section “How It Works”. Let’s see some of the options you have on the IPOhub website, once you do become a member by creating a free account.


IPOhub Offers page

The Offers page is the best place to start, to get your feet wet as an IPOhub member.

On the Offers page, you can find all the offers, like new issues, IPOs, and warrant exercises.

You can get a quick overview of the information and then click on an offer to get all the details (which is presented on the companies’ page on IPOhub)”.

You can use a whole bunch of filters and criteria to break down and see only the types of offers you’re interested in: New, Upcoming, Active, Closed, Following. If you want to dig down further, there’s the Advanced Search option, which gets you to access filters such as Type, Markets, Subscription Period, and Price Per Share.

Each offer page has an abundance of information, from Subscription Period to Pre-Money Valuation and First Trading Date, which should help you decide if that’s something worth your money and time.


IPOhub Listings page

The Listings page shows you all IPOs and direct listings. You can see the basic information for each listing, and if you find something that catches your eye, you click on it and access the full information for it.

The classic way for a company to get listed is by using an IPO. But some companies get listed without offering shares in an offer at the same time, that is called a Direct listing, or in short, a Listing.

As with the Offers, on the Listings page, you can use a whole bunch of filters to further narrow your field of interest and discover only the companies that you’re looking to potentially invest in.


The Companies page shows all companies that are listed on the European SME markets.

You can search for any company, use filters to discover more, and also access the individual pages for your desired companies.

The company individual pages are full of information, organized in sections:

  • Company Headers and Current Instruments and Offers
  • Company News
  • People
  • Company Details

If you’re logged into your IPOhub account, you can follow companies by going to their pages, and this way you will be kept up to date with all future information regarding that company, the news listing it, and its share issuing progress.

How to participate in IPO events

IPOhub is still very much in its infancy period, and this is evident for the current IPO and shares participation process.

As we’ve talked about in the sections above, the goal of IPOhub is to streamline the participation in IPOs by using a digitally signed identity for its members - however, this part is still a work in progress, and I couldn’t find information on when it will be implemented.

The current process looks like this:

  • Search for offers and choose the one you’re interested in, from the Active tab
  • Access the offer page, and click the green Subscribe button
IPOhub offer page subscription
  • You’ll get an option to choose the platform where the company has listed its shares, and get redirected there to complete the subscription process
IPOhub subscription options

While not very simple, the process is still decent enough, and easy to follow.

IPOhub focuses at the moment on offering you all the necessary information on present and upcoming IPOs, with the subscription part of it to come a bit later.

The Hub

A central point of IPOhub is its aptly named The HUB. This is a good way to get an overview of all that IPOhub has aggregated, a single point of access for Companies, Offers, Listings, Press Releases, Posts, Videos, Interviews, Social Media, and Analyst Reports.

IPOhub The Hub page

I found this section incredibly rich in information, and a good way to stay up to date on all the news from the SME IPOs field. It’s something I haven’t been able to find in other places and a good selling point for IPOhub’s capabilities.

IPOhub for Agents and Companies

IPOhub for agents and companies

For agents and companies, IPOhub offers a simple way to access more investors.

Agents get to raise more capital and fill more subscriptions for their clients, the companies issuing shares.

As benefits, IPOhub lists attracting more interest from investors, getting more exposure, and raising the company profiles via news and media.

For sure, IPOhub wouldn’t exist without the companies that are eyeing an IPO, so they also have a sign-up process for agents and companies.

The more companies get listed on IPOhub, the better chance investors have of finding something that piques their interest and makes them invest in their shares.

I’m sure that in the future, with the addition of digitally signed profiles, companies will benefit from easier subscriptions to their IPOs, with potential growth in investments from retail individuals.

IPOhub also offers a page where Agents can list their profiles, with all the information necessary to get them found by companies looking for an IPO.


IPOhub markets

This section of the IPOhub website has a wide selection of various markets, broken down by country, where you can find more companies that are going for an IPO, so a good place to expand your search for investment opportunities.

IPOhub Safety and Security

Not much stuff to mention here, IPOhub at the moment acts like a simple account on a website, with an email address and password. You do need to verify your account from the email you receive when signing up, and that’s pretty much the bulk of it.

Once the digitally signed identities are implemented, there will be more things to review for this section. I’ll come back to it then.

But for now, I don’t see any security problems with a free account on IPOhub.

IPOhub Customer Service

IPOhub support & customer service

To be honest, I haven’t needed customer support since creating an IPOhub account. Once you sign up and are signed in to your account, there’s a support option on the lower part of the IPOhub page, where you can submit your questions and get answers from the support team.

Also, IPOhub has profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, so that would be another way of getting their attention for any issues you might need solving.

IPOhub Review Summary


  • A great way to find information on IPO opportunities
  • FREE account
  • An abundance of data on the companies that will issue shares (from the company info to its financials, news, press releases, etc.)
  • The HUB looks like the best place to follow the whole European IPO field at one glance
  • A pretty straightforward way to subscribe to active share issue events


  • Relatively new fintech company, without a proven track record
  • Digitally signed identity NOT YET IMPLEMENTED
  • Could benefit from a more involved support option, such as chat
  • No mobile apps yet
  • The brand identity, IPOhub, could have been more original (since there is already an IPOHUB, established years ago, even though it’s in a different market)
  • Offers are more focused on the nordic European countries, could use a wider array of offers from the other parts of Europe
  • I don't see any mention of future pricing, since now the accounts are free

IPOhub: The Conclusion

So, is IPOhub worth it?

The simple answer is: YES, with some caveats.

It’s a no-brainer for any investor that aims to access the playing field traditionally inhabited by banks and hedge funds, and dip its financial toes into IPOs.

The abundance of information, the ease of following news, filtering out companies, and deciding on a future winner is what makes IPOhub a great choice.

The only caveat is that IPOhub’s main selling point and feature is not ready yet (the digitally signed identity, which will make subscribing to IPOs a breeze in the future). The current process is a little tricky and still stuck a bit in the past.

But for actual discovery and dissemination of information on growing companies, I would give IPOhub 5-stars.

Totally worth it, I would recommend just creating a free account and checking out the IPOs, even just for seeing what’s moving in the European growth companies field.

Dan Minea
Valencia, Spain